Spray foam have been used around the world for more than three decades. Its insulating properties provide significant cost savings not only in northern countries but also in tropical regions. Thanks to its proven properties, it can be used as an ideal substitute for common insulating materials like mineral wool, cellulose, or other traditional materials available on the market. EXY® Spray foam is designed for insulating cavities, walls, attics, floors, foundations, as well as for thermal insulation of cellars, tanks, storage containers, pools, and also for insulating cars, camper cars, and ships. It is very important to choose the right foam type for dry or humid environment.

 What is spray foam used for:

New Construction or Remodeling

You will only get one chance to completely insulate the building envelope correctly.Invest into the EXY® spray foam insulation capable of establishing an air barrier will quickly repay the initial costs and will add significant annual savings for as long as you live in your household.

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New or Existing  Roof

EXY®45 Spray foam roofing System (Polyurethane Foam Roofing System) is used for new commercial roofs or application over existing roofing. EXY Spray System® offer higher compressive strengths and smoother surfaces.The result is a stable, seamless shield.

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