EXY® spray foam insulation surpasses the traditional insulation materials in efficiency, stability, ease of use and fast return on investment. Correctly installed and not altered the foam EXY® will last the life of your building. EXY® foam adhere to virtually all substrates and is able to flex and move with your building. 

EXY® open cell and close cell foam insulation provides superior air barrie and significantly reducing unmanaged moisture and air infiltration. EXY® Spray foam helps reduce energy costs while improving building comfort as well as indoor air quality and comfort, dust and other exterior pollutants cannot enter the building because of the continuous air tight seal.

Open-Cell spray foam

Open-Cell foam is spray-applied as a liquid and expands within seconds to 150 times its liquid volume. The foam adheres directly to the substrate forming a seamless and permanent coverage over and around even the most...

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Closed-Cell spray foam

Closed Cell Foam has a similar application process as Open Cell Foam it adheres directly to the substrate forming a seamless and permanent fill the gap and coverage over and around even the most difficult shapes. However, it only expands...

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Special foams

Thanks to a special form of application, the injected – poured foam enables insulating hardly accessible places (even otherwise inaccessible cavities, etc.) and filling spaces in building structures. Insulating foam injection...

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