Spray polyurethane foam is currently the most effective insulation on the market which provide significant cost savings. Spray foam (Spray Polyurethane Foam) or SPF is a mixture of two compounds mixed under temperature and pressure create a plastic. A blowing agent then creates bubbles in the mixture and expands the foam to 30 to 150 times its original volume. Depending on its cell structure we consider it either an open cell or closed cell foam.  

  • Quick & Easy Application
  • Healthy Living Environment
  • Decrease energy bills all at once
  • One time Investment  & Long term saving
  • Permanent Energy Efficient Solutions



Open-Cell spray foam

Open-Cell foam is spray-applied as a liquid and expands within seconds to 150 times its liquid volume. The foam adheres directly to the substrate forming a seamless and permanent coverage over and around even the most...

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Closed-Cell spray foam

Closed Cell Foam has a similar application process as Open Cell Foam it adheres directly to the substrate forming a seamless and permanent fill the gap and coverage over and around even the most difficult shapes. However, it only expands...

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Special foams

Thanks to a special form of application, the injected – poured foam enables insulating hardly accessible places (even otherwise inaccessible cavities, etc.) and filling spaces in building structures. Insulating foam injection...

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Why choose EXY®?


Sprayed foam insulation EXY® are suitable for use in every part of the house. Choose from a wide range of polyurethane foams by place of use to insulate your house from the roof to the foundation. Thanks to an easy application insulation will be easy and you will gain comfort and energy savings. Unique composition and first-class properties of PUR foam ranks EXY® among the leading materials on the world market. 

Seamless insulation layer

Allow the substrate to "breathe" through the isolation.

Fills any gaps

Creates a perfect air barrier

Prevents penetration of cold air

Eliminates dew point

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